In a very short time, the colonial city transformed rapidly. It also changes the name of El Kef governorate to Kef ... Population: 2004-04-28 census. Recorded history in Tunisia begins with the arrival of Phoenicians, who founded Carthage and other North African settlements in the 8th century B.C. Other indicators visualized on maps: (In English only, for now) Adolescent fertility rate (births per 1,000 women ages 15-19) In April 1655 the English admiral Robert Blake was sent to the Mediterranean to extract compensation from states that had been attacking English shipping. Countries are listed in alphabetical order. On the stage of this theater, many performances are regularly given by Tunisian, Arabic and international actors. [29], Having succeeded in driving the Axis powers out of Tunisia, the Allies used Tunis as a base of operations from which to stage amphibious assaults first against the island of Pantelleria, and then Sicily, and finally the mainland of Italy.[30]. In 1905 the Muslim Association of Tunisia brought together students from Lycée Alaoui and Sadiki College to organize gymnastics. The roads also connect with Carthage, emphasising its political and economic importance not only in Tunisia but more widely in North Africa and the Mediterranean Sea in ancient times. [11] Not surprisingly, their accounts of Carthage are extremely hostile; while there are a few Greek authors who took a favourable view, these works have been lost. This program has yielded significant results since the rate of population growth declined from 3.0% in 1966 to 0.94% in 2004. The Ottoman Empire took nominal control of Tunis in 1534 when Hayreddin Barbarossa captured it from the Hafsid Sultan Mulai Hassan, who fled to the court of Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor and King of Spain. They support a range of residential and commercial buildings. [52] Tunis attracts foreign investors (33% of companies, 26% of investments and 27% of employment), excluding several areas due to economic imbalances. After the advent of independence, a museum was built there to relate the details of the national struggle between 1938 and 1952. As all of these Berber villages were situated on Roman roads, they undoubtedly served as rest-stations or stops. … [9], Ruins of the Baths of Antoninus in Carthage, The Lady of Carthage mosaic, one of the major surviving pieces of Byzantine art in modern Tunisia, Tunis was originally a Berber settlement. Tunis has a hot-summer Mediterranean climate (Köppen climate classification Csa),[37] characterized by hot and dry, prolonged summers and mild winters with moderate rainfall. Chart and table of India population from 1950 to 2021. The first true sports facilities were managed under the French protectorate, as illustrated by the development of the Ksar Said racecourse and construction of the Stade Chedli Zouiten in the neighborhood of Belvedere, which had long been the main stadium in the capital before being supplanted by the Olympic stadium, Stade El Menzah, where EST and CA play their football today. The factors underlying the 2011 revolution that sparked the Arab Spring have also fueled emigration desires for many Tunisians. Tunis is the heartland of the Tunisian economy and is the industrial and economic hub of the country, home to one third of Tunisian companies—including almost all the head offices of companies with more than fifty employees, with the exception of the Compagnie des Phosphates de Gafsa, headquartered in Gafsa—and produces a third of the national gross domestic product. Total area is the sum of land and water areas within international boundaries and coastlines of Tunisia. The planning of the Medina of Tunis has the distinction of not grid lines or formal geometric compositions. [48] It reflects the improved financial situation of the municipality, the year 2007 was a year registering a surplus in resources that allowed the settlement of debts of the municipality and the strengthening of its credibility with respect its suppliers and public and private partners. Multi-lane autoroutes surround the city and serve the increasing number of privately owned cars one encounters in Tunisia. The films The English Patient (1996) and The Last Days of Pompeii (2003) were also shot in studios in Tunis. Heading east is the Tunis-Carthage International Airport and the neighborhoods of Borgel, giving his name to the existing Jewish and Christian cemeteries in the capital, and the neighbourhood of Montplaisir. The main company that operates it is one of the oldest in the country and they are generally descendants of Andalusian immigrants expelled from Spain. World Population Prospects: 2019 Revision. À l'opposé, le nord-ouest, particulièrement, les gouvernorats du Kef et de Siliana se vident selon le recensement de la population mené en 2004. Overview Migration Activities Movement, Emergency and Post-crisis Migration Management Facilitating Migration Regulating Migration Migration and Development On 14 January 2011, following protests over high unemployment, corruption and widespread poverty, President Ben Ali dismissed the government and fled the country. Tunis was built at the end of the shallow Lake of Tunis, an inlet of the Gulf of Tunis, and is linked with its port, Ḥalq al-Wādī, 6 miles (10 km) to the Acquired in the late 1970s by the municipality of Tunis, the house was restored in 1983 into a library.[78]. The Greater Tunis area has an area of 300,000 hectares, 30,000 of which is urbanized, the rest being shared between bodies of water (20,000 hectares of lakes or lagoons) and agricultural or natural land (250,000 hectares). Keep in Touch. The incident has been treated as a terrorist attack.[33][34]. If you live in a developed country, you probably started school at a very young age, where you learned to read and write.Unfortunately, not all nations have this luxury. Tunisie : Abir Moussi aurait séquestré des députés (M. Korchid) Evolution de la population tunisienne (1921-2004) Avr 27, 2014 Having previously played a minor role behind Kairouan and Mahdia, Tunis was promoted to the rank of provincial capital. Sources - What is a population pyramid? In autumn, it begins to rain, often with short thunderstorms, which can sometimes cause flash floods or even flood some parts of the city. The Musical Troupe of the City of Tunis was created in 1954 by Salah El Mahdi. The largest Park, Belvédère Park, was founded in 1892 overlooks Lake Tunis. The average temperatures in the summer months of June, July, August, and September are very high. Revenues are generated by the proceeds of taxes on buildings and vacant lots, fees for the rental of municipal property, income from the operation of the public, advertising, and that the fact that the municipality has capital shares in some companies. There are also a number of other post-secondary institutions, such as the National School of Engineers of Tunis, the National School of Science, the Graduate School of Communications of Tunis, and the Higher Institute of Technological Studies in Communications of Tunis. The number of male is 5 472.4 thousands, forming 49.8% of the population. La Tunisie à travers les recensements généraux de la population Télécharger (1Mo) (pdf) Présentation de la conférence de presse : Télécharger (7 Mo ) ( swf : animation flash) l’INS est en train de mettre en ligne progressivement les résultats du recensement. Population Pyramids: Tunisia - 2006. [2][3] Some scholars claim that it originated from Tynes, which was mentioned by Diodorus Siculus and Polybius in the course of descriptions of a location resembling present-day Al-Kasbah; Tunis's old Berber village. The capital is home to a large number of mosques in various architectural styles, signs of construction of their respective eras. When the Arab Muslim troops conquered the region at the end of the 7th century, they established themselves at the outskirts of ancient Tunes, and the small town soon became the city of Tunis that could easily be taken for an Arab foundation. population in the education, training, health and employment. Okay to continue Our website uses cookies to improve your online experience. But football is not the only discipline to emerge. Souk El Berka leads to Souk El Leffa, a souk that sells many carpets, blankets and other weavings, and extends with the Souk Es Sarragine, built in the early 18th century and specializing in leather. Decolonization led to the exodus of some European minorities whose numbers dwindled every year. International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA) Strömsborg, SE-103 34 Stockholm, Sweden Tel: +46 8 698 37 00 Tunis is the starting point from which the main roads and all highways that serve different parts of the country of Tunis originate. La Tunisie est un État d’Afrique du Nord, bordé au nord et à l’est par la mer Méditerranée, à l’ouest par l’Algérie, et au sud-est par la Libye.Sa capitale Tunis est située dans le nord-est du pays, au fond du golfe de Tunis. North of the Avenue Bourguiba is the district of La Fayette, which is still home to the Great Synagogue of Tunis and the Habib Thameur Gardens, built on the site of an ancient Jewish cemetery which lay outside the walls. In addition, groundwater is easily accessible through the drilling of deep wells, providing water for the different agriculture crops. [63] Ksar Mosque, also of the Hanafi rite, is located in front of Dar Hussein (Bab Menara) and was built in the 12th century. Thus, Tunisia has initiated an early family planning program whose objective is the reduction in fertility. Tunis was quiet during the First World War. Population totale: 11 007,3 (milliers habitants) Masculin : 49,8% Féminin : 50,2% Taux d’accroissement: 1,03% Divers Code ISO 3166-1: TUN, TN Domaine Internet: .tn Indicatif téléphonique: (+216) Monnaie: Dinar Tunisien (DT) La Tunisie [51] As in the rest of Tunisia, literacy in the region of Tunis evolved rapidly during the second half of the 20th century and has reached a level slightly higher than the national average. Using an expenditure threshold of US$ 5.50 per-day, the number of poor and of those vulnerable to poverty is expected to increase from 16.6% to 22% of the total population. In addition, a series of satellite cities emerged on the urban rim and encroached on the municipality of Tunis proper. Furthermore, along the boulevards, the contribution of the architectural period 1850–1950 can be felt in the buildings, such as the government buildings of the nine ministries and the headquarters of the municipality of Tunis. The A1 motorway connects Tunis with Sfax to the south, and the A3 with Oued Zarga and Béja to the west, while the A4 is the link with Bizerte. After independence, in the 1960s, the National Board of Seaports, which supports all ports in the country, modernized the infrastructure of the port of Tunis. [75] This small independent kingdom picked up the threads of trade and commerce with other nations, and brought the region back to peace and prosperity.[19]. M. Th Houtsma, First Encyclopaedia of Islam: 1913–1936, BRILL, 1987 p.839, Albert Habib Hourani, Malise Ruthven (2002). [72] The Al Hamra theater was the second theater to be opened in Tunis, situated on El Jazira Road. Our Privacy Statement & Cookie Policy. 2004, 2014 census Bab Cartagena gave access to Carthage, important for bringing in construction materials needed for the city. In addition, unemployment is high in young people aged 18 to 24, with one in three unemployed as compared to one in six at the national level. Tunisia’s population is estimated at 11.72 million according to 2020 estimates. [4][5], Another possibility is that it was derived from the Berber verbal root ens which means "to lie down" or "to pass the night". La Tunisie n’est pas densément peuplée. contribué à l'estimation de la population de la Tunisie. See also the number of migrants for this country. [81] All three variations were mentioned by the Greek-Syrian geographer al-Rumi Yaqout in his Mu'jam al-Bûldan (Dictionary of Countries). The governorates of Tunisia as well as all cities and communes with at least 20,000 inhabitants. Lire la suite. The Gorjani garden, is an English garden located southwest of the city, which notably takes an irregular form, partly due to the steep topography of the land.[67]. Region : Northern Africa: Population (000, 2020) 11 819: Pop. Current US Population is 330.66 million. However, urban growth, which is estimated to be increasing by 500 hectares per year, is gradually changing the landscape with urban sprawl. Nominal (current) Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Tunisia is $39,952,095,561 (USD) as of 2017.; Real GDP (constant, inflation adjusted) of Tunisia reached $49,633,854,967 in 2017.; GDP Growth Rate in 2017 was 1.96%, representing a change of 951,795,445 US$ over 2016, when Real GDP was $48,682,059,522. The important transport authorities are the Société des Transports de Tunis (STT)[80] and the Ministry of Transport (Airports) The present study attempts to delineate the spectrum of beta-thalassemia (thal) mutations in Tunisia by studying a large population from different parts of the country. The main cemetery in Tunis, the Djellaz Cemetery, dominates this part of town, perched on the slopes of a rocky outcrop. In the south, below the Chott Djerid (a great salt lake), stretches the Sahara Desert. At the time, the Sultan of Tunis was Abu Yahya and during Ibn Battuta's stay, the Festival of the Breaking of the Fast was taking place. The Métro léger de Tunis network has extended gradually since then to reach the suburbs. Tunis has been the capital of Tunisia since 1159. It assigns a code to the new Manouba governorate. Tourism also provides a significant portion of the city's income. World Population Prospects 2019 The main palace beys are those of La Marsa, Bardo and Ksar Said. The city had the natural advantage of coastal access, via the Mediterranean, to the major ports of southern Europe. [85] The capital is home to approximately 40% of the cars in Tunisia, with 700,000 cars on average used in the city per day. King Louis easily captured Carthage, but his army soon fell victim to an outbreak of dysentery. The concept of ownership is low however and souks often spill out onto public roads. It is also home to Tunis Zoo, which houses African fauna, and the Museum of Modern Art. The axis to the structure of this part of the city is the Avenue Habib Bourguiba, designed by the French to be a Tunisian form of Champs-Élysées in Paris with its cafes, major hotels, shops and cultural venues. Fertility rate, total (births per woman) - Tunisia ( 1 ) United Nations Population Division. [23] Under the reign of Hussein Bey II, naval defeats by the British (1826) and French (1827) saw the French become increasingly active in the city and in the economy.[24]. It forms a natural bridge and since ancient times several major roads linking to Egypt and elsewhere in Tunisia have branched out from it. Also to the north is the long Avenue Mohamed V, which leads to the Boulevard of 7 November through the neighborhood of the big banks where there are hotels and Abu Nawas Lake and finally to the Belvedere area around the place Pasteur. 7- Sur un total de 262 municipalités à 50.000 habitants, 30 seulement regroupent Profits obtained from the trade in Christian slaves allowed the rulers to build sumptuous structures that revived the architectural heritage of the Middle Ages.[15]. [13] Situated on a hill, Tunis served as an excellent point from which the comings and goings of naval and caravan traffic to and from Carthage could be observed. The population development of Jemmal as well as related information and services (Wikipedia, Google, images). Tunis and its suburbs have many of the major Tunisian universities including the University of Tunis, Tunisia Private University, University of Ez-Zitouna, the University of Tunis – El Manar, the University of Carthage and the Manouba University. According to Strabo, it was destroyed by the Romans in 146 BC during the Third Punic War. [90] In 2008, the government announced the start of construction of a large sports complex that will include several sports academies, a 20,000-seat stadium, and a swimming centre. - Mots-clefs: démographie, pyramide de population, pyramide des âges, vieillissement, retraites, Tunisie, 2000. At the beginning of the 18th century, Tunisia entered into a new period in its history with the advent of the Husainid dynasty. This is because the government has supported a successful family planning program that has reduced the population growth rate to just over 1% per annum, contributing to Tunisia's economic and social stability. [71] The National Theatre of Tunisia is an important public enterprise in Tunis,[72] and since 1988 been located in the Khaznadar palace (dating from the middle of the 19th century and situated in the Halfaouine quarter), renamed "Theater Palace." [63] Youssef Dey Mosque operated primarily as public speaking venue before becoming a real mosque in 1631. Tunisia Crime Rate & Statistics - Historical Data; Year Per 100K Population Annual % Change; 2012: 3.00: 11.11%: 2010: 2.70: 12.50%: 2009: 2.40-11.11%: 2008: 2.70: 0.00%: 2007: 2.70: 12.50%: 2006: 2.40-7.69%: 2005: 2.60: 36.84%: 2004: 1.90: 36.84% [15] The Almohad conquest marked the beginning of the dominance of the city in Tunisia. After the war, the city faced new transformations as the modern portion grew in importance and extended its network of boulevards and streets in all directions. density (per km2, 2020) 76.1: Capital city : Tunis: Capital city pop. [82] Among other projects are a line to the city of Ennasr (8.4 km) and the extension of the Tunis-Ettadhamen to Mnihla (1.7 km). majorité des Tunisiens résidaient dans les zones urbaines en 2004 soit, 65% contre 61% en 1994. [66] The park covers an area of more than one hundred hectares across roads that can be explored on foot or by car. Population: 10 996 515 • Income group: Middle • Gross national income per capita: US$ 4 200 SAFER ROAD USERS Arabs constitute 98% of the total population, Europeans constitute 1% and Jews and others account for 1%. Students can pursue language studies at small private schools such as Sidi Bou Said Centre for Languages (Centre Sidi Bou Said de Langues et d'Informatique) in the picturesque Tunis suburb of Sidi Bou Said, next to the Sidi Bou Said TGM station that specializes in Arabic, offering classes in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), classical Arabic, Tunisian Arabic and the various dialects of North Africa, the Gulf and the Levant. Imen Haouari, « Pluies torrentielles sur la capitale ». The governor appointed by Béjaïa, having reestablished order in the country, did not hesitate to free himself from the Hammadids to found the Khurasanid dynasty with Tunis as its capital. With a history of encouraging workers to emigrate to relieve unemployment at home, Tunisia now has 11 percent of its population living abroad. [27] The city expanded and created new boulevards and neighborhoods. The city quickly spread out of its fortifications: it divided into a traditional Arab-populated old city, and a new city populated by immigrants, with a different structure from that of the traditional medina. Additionally, the percentage of the population that is “vulnerable” to fall into poverty is expected to increase in 2020. The 2008 budget adopted by the City Council is structured as follows: 61.61 million dinars for operations and 32,516 million dinars for investment. This indicator shows the number of people that usually live in an area. During this period, the city prospered as a centre of commerce. [63] This includes a network of Catholic buildings, including the Church of St. Joan of Arc, but also with the Protestant Reformed Church and the Anglican church Saint-Georges. In addition, private training institutes include the Open University of Tunis, the Central University Private Business Administration and Technology, the Graduate School of Private Engineering and Technology, and the North African Institute of Economics and Technology. [52] The number of people living below the poverty line, falling at the national level, remains higher in urban areas. Actuelle de la population, les naissances et les décès aujourd'hui et au cours de l'année, la migration nette et la croissance démographique. In total, there are three Greek Orthodox and two Russian Orthodox parishes in Tunisia. The isthmus between them is what geologists call the "Tunis dome", which includes hills of limestone and sediments. These ancient buildings include: With an area of 270 hectares (over 29 hectares for the Kasbah)[57] and more than 100,000 people, the Medina comprises one-tenth of the population of Tunis. On 7 May 1943, at about 15:30 in the afternoon, Tunis fell to troops of British 1st Army and the U.S. 1st Army, which had defeated the German 5th Panzer Army guarding the city. [26] The crafts and traditional trades declined somewhat, as the newcomers increased trade with Europe, introducing the first modern industries and new forms of urban life. Located near the Bab Souika, the neighborhood of Halfaouine which gained international attention through the film 'Halfaouine Child of the Terraces'. There are also some mentions in ancient Roman sources of such names of nearby towns as Tuniza (now El Kala), Thunusuda (now Sidi-Meskin), Thinissut (now Bir Bouregba), and Thunisa (now Ras Jebel). The EST is supported by the majority of the masses, while the CA, a poorer club, is supported by the others. This went on for a while until one of the pilgrims realized he was upset, he went up and greeted and talked to Ibn until he entered the city. : المترو الخفيف لمدينة تونس) and TGM (Tunis-Goulette-Marsa), as well as bus services, and is linked to other places in Tunisia by SNCFT, the national railways. It represents, in the 2004 census, 9.9% of the total population of Tunisia. In its exposition halls it holds numerous traditional items, witnesses of the everyday lives of families of the Medina quarter. The Grand Prix of Tunis has re-emerged since 2000. Having become an Ottoman province governed by a Pasha who was appointed by the Sultan based in Constantinople, the country attained a degree of autonomy. During the Almohad and Hafsid periods Tunis was one of the richest and grandest cities in the Islamic world, with a population of about 100,000.