25 km/h für 316,75€ (statt 349€) – aus EU-Lager. 23 févr. This section lets you activate cruise control, choose whether you want to keep your taillight on all the time, update your firmware and even change the scooter’s units of measurement (both on the LED display and within the app) from the default kmph to mph. Make journeys effortless thanks to the Halfords Phone Mount, which is perfect for following a GPS, and the portable Halfords Dual Action Bike Pump, which will ensure you can keep your tyres inflated. Gyártó: Xiaomi Modell: Mi M365 Pro Leírás: Semmi sem fogható egy kora reggeli felkeléshez és kimenni a napsütésre és a friss levegőre, látni a sok embert és megnézni a tájat. The Xiaomi 1S is an absolute pleasure to ride. 08.11.2018, 18:11. Due to COVID-19, the ongoing health and containment emergency measures may cause service delays at logistic couriers and Xiaomi authorized service centers until further notice. Livrat de Krasscom 27 50 Lei. Learn More. It was easy to crown the Xiaomi M365 our unanimous ‘best budget e-scooter’ last year because of limited competition, but that isn’t the case this year. This foldable Xiaomi electric scooter comes with the LG high security 18650 lithium batteries, located in the lower part of the pedal. Der Further nimmt erweiterte E - ABS Bremssystem, kinetische Energie Wiederherstellung System, Cruise Control System und intelligentes BMS System an. Verbindet sich nicht mit Scooter, sehr schade ! As an added bonus, the regenerative front brake harnesses the braking forces to top up the battery, too. We look at the M365, compare it to other scooters, and look at the electric scooter landscape in the country. Der Xiaomi M365 Scooter ist insgesamt von hochwertiger Qualität. Xiaomi M365 Lights work Pro display with pro speed Solid wheels eco mode and normal speed You can pair it with the xiaomi home app Fully working rides great Does about 17mph top speed Used item not brand new Com £270. $99.95 $ 99. The new Xiaomi 1S retains many of the same features as its predecessor - the M365 - and it's now at its cheapest price ever! Ich empfehle Ihnen in jedem Fall nachzusehen, wie glücklich andere Personen mit dem Präparat sind. It also gives you the option to lock the motor on your Xiaomi 1S, which is great if you’re leaving it unattended for a few minutes. Be aware that a higher motor power will shorten the lifetime of your battery and could damage your motor. Usually, I prefer riding in the fastest mode and varying the pressure I apply to the accelerator to control my speed, but on the 1S I actually prefer riding in Drive mode. Pure Air electric scooter review: Our favourite budget e-scooter now comes in a range of colours and designs, Pure Air Pro review: Save £60 on the SUV of electric scooters with this great deal, Ninebot Segway E22E review: An upgrade that doesn’t quite cut it, Xiaomi 1S electric scooter review: The M365's worthy successor is now £110 cheaper. Even with the imminent arrival of Bluetooth, the Pure Air won’t get Cruise Control - a useful feature that lets you release the accelerator throttle after you’ve been riding at a constant speed for about 10 seconds. Please enable cookies in your web browser to improve your shopping experience. The UK’s leading e-scooter retailer Pure Electric have launched their own budget e-scooter - the Pure Air - that now holds that crown. Theoretically, it can be solved with a chain over the rear wheel. This modification may also shorten the range and decrease the battery lifetime. DäMpfung Roller Hohlen Vollreifen für Xiaomi Mijia M365 Skateboard Roller R K3H2. The fastest is Sport mode, denoted by a blue “s” icon, with a maximum speed of 15.5mph. Featuring a double braking system, air-filled rubber tyres, and a durable, lightweight aluminium frame, this electric scooter can accelerate up to 15.5mph for as far as 18.6 miles on a single charge. It is great for running simple errands that aren't that far away as well as going over to a friend’s house for an afternoon. It is fast, stable, quiet, high quality. Le système de freinage. Xiaomi frei seiner M365 elektrischen Roller Empfang von Xiaomi. Eine Bedienungsanleitung benötigt man für den Aufbau nicht, denn der Scooter ist nach dem Auspacken auch schon fast einsatzbereit. EUR 32,99. Xiaomi Red PRO Niebieski Pink Yellow Green. Elfogadom. La XIAOMI M365 n’est pas la trottinette électrique la plus confortable car son châssis au design très agréable ne comprend aucun amortisseur. zł6.00. To turn on the display, press the power button once. 6 Stück Gummi Schwingung Dämpfer Kompatibel mit Xiaomi M365 Vermeiden Dämpfen von Gummi Elektro Roller Ersatzteilen 3,6 von 5 Sternen 436. Xiaomi Mi M365 Pro - Mi E-Scooter Pro 2 mit Zulassung - Mi E-Scooter 1S mit Zulassung und weitere Modelle. Surfaces are nicely finished. Weiß jemand, wie man eine Zulassung für Xiaomi M365 bekommt. Battery 7.8 ah Charge 4hr Warning: it is illegal to ride electric scooters on public roads, pavements,or cycle paths . Made by Chinese tech giant Xiaomi (pronounced "show-er-me"), the M365 has won numerous awards across the world based on its simple folding design, 30 km range, 25 km/h top-speed, low weight and pneumatic tyres. If your scooter requires a repair Xiaomi will collect, repair, and replace. We offer a range of must-have accessories for the Xiaomi Mi M365 Electric Scooter. Personally, I prefer the comfortable rubber grips on the Xiaomi 1S handlebar compared to the squishy rubber grips on the Pure Air, which feel cheap. The Xiaomi M365 looks like it was designed for city life and makes a perfect commuter scooter, with narrow handlebars and an uncomplicated design, you can hop on and weave your way throughout streets and roads with minimal fuss. That’s because there isn’t a big difference between the maximum speed in this mode and the Sports mode, which is a bigger battery hog. The government has recently legalised the use of rental e-scooters in some UK cities, with a view to reducing traffic congestion on shorter journeys. Du findest bei uns die größte Auswahl an getesteten Test xiaomi m365 sowie jene wichtigen Fakten welche man braucht. The Xiaomi M365 Pro has a water resistance IP rating of IP54, meaning that it can tolerate water splashes. To ride, kick-off from the ground to set the e-scooter in motion, then gently press the accelerator throttle. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. zł38.00. Olcsó Mi M 365 Pro Rollerek árak, akciók. Four years on, however, Xiaomi has decided to give its worldwide best selling e-scooter a much-needed upgrade – and the result is the Xiaomi 1S. READ NEXT: Electric scooter deals | Best electric scooter 2020. La XIAOMI M365 n’est pas la trottinette électrique la plus confortable car son châssis au design très agréable ne comprend aucun amortisseur. Successor to the world’s favourite scooter, the M365 Pro is the latest folding electric scooter from technology giants Xiaomi. Finden Sie Top-Angebote für LED Licht Strip Lamp Ersatzteil für Xiaomi M365/M365 Pro Elektroroller E-Scooter bei eBay. Le pneu ne peut pas être crevé par un objet pointu, il n'est donc pas nécessaire de le gonfler et de le changer fréquemment. The Xiaomi M365, aka the Xiaomi scooter, is an excellent way to get around in cities that are crowded with cars. 129 99 Lei. Further, it adopts advanced E – ABS braking system, kinetic energy recovery system, … The slightly lower top speed also gives you more control of the e-scooter. Wechseln wir also unseren Blick darauf, was sonstige Anwender zu dem Produkt zu sagen haben. The frame is aluminium alloy, and overal… Please note that this scooter is not to be used on public highways, only on private property with the owner's consent. Suggestion What I did not like was a lack of hardware lock of a scooter. 28,98 € 28,98 € 31,98 € 31,98€ Lieferung bis Donnerstag, 5. Xiaomi released its M365 electric scooter recently. 99. Configure your own custom firmware by adjusting the options below. Pedestrian mode is indicated by a walking man icon and it tops out at 3mph; ideal for when you’re walking with your e-scooter because the throttle doesn’t activate in this mode. … A set of plastic, magnetic caps for the Xiaomi MiJia M365 scooter. If you experience any problems whilst your scooter is under warranty, please contact the Xiaomi UK helpline on 0800 9160561 or uk@xiaomi.com so they can diagnose the issue. Featuring a double braking system, air-filled rubber tyres, and a durable, lightweight aluminium frame, this electric scooter can accelerate up to 15.5mph for as far as 18.6 miles on a single charge. Les chocs et vibrations sont absorbés par les pneus gonflés 8,5 pouces ce qui ne la rend pas n’ont plus inconfortable. 253 326 15. Dear friends, a new preference for you! The 1S’ combination of front and rear disc brakes do a great job of smoothly and quickly bringing you to a halt. Even though the Xiaomi M365 e-scooter is still available to buy for £469, we’d now recommend the new Xiaomi 1S because the standard version costs £479, or £499 if you choose to get yours with pre-inserted puncture-prevention fluid. £29.99 £ 29. FREE Shipping . ANDROGEEK Ships from Spain with European Warranty at Amazon UK. Simply connect the power adapter provided into this port and turns green once it’s fully charged. The pneumatic tyres provide great grip on every road surface, but you will notice slight jarring if the terrain gets rough. The e-scooter has 8.5in pneumatic tyres, which are comfortable on almost any road surface, and a single charge can last you more than 18 miles. Keep yourself safe with the lightweight and durable Lazer One Helmet, and keep your scooter safe with the Halfords 23cm D Lock and 115cm Cable Lock. Worauf Sie beim Kauf Ihres Xiaomi mi electric scooter m365 eu Acht geben sollten. ☢【Pneu Plein Compatible avec Xiaomi M365】AGPTEK pneu plein convient au remplacement des roues avant et arrière de 8 pneus de scooter 8 1 / 2x2 (8,5 pouces), conçu pour la trottinette Xiaomi M365. 2021 popular Ranking Keywords trends in Sports & Entertainment, Scooter Parts & Accessories, Kick Scooters,Foot Scooters, Skate Board with xiaomi m365 and Ranking Keywords. As an essential retailer our stores, garages and mobile experts remain open with continued safety measures in place. You’re only permitted to ride them on private land with the landowner’s permission. One of the best features of Xiaomi e-scooters is that you don’t need to pair the app with your e-scooter before riding unless you want to lock it. This is exact same spec as pro model. It is illegal to use an e-scooter on a public road, pavement, cycle lane or bridleway. The scooter’s charging port is concealed under a red rubber flap beneath the front wheel. This stops the fender from vibrating when you’re riding on uneven surfaces but, more importantly, it prevents riders from stepping on the rear fender to use it as a brake. By comparison, the Xiaomi 1S is only IP54-rated, which means that riding in rain or puddles will void your two-year warranty and it can only accommodate 100kg, so it’s not suitable for heavier riders. You can delve further into the e-scooter’s settings using the three dots at the top-right of the main app screen. Frage: Welchen Reifendruck sollte ich bei meinem Xiaomi M365 / M187 fahren? The app’s main screen displays your riding mode, speed, battery level as a percentage, your average speed and current trip mileage.