The better you are and the more you ride the more you would appreciate the upgraded bike. There’s really nothing in it. Shimano 105 ou ultegra - forum cyclisme velo101. in addition to that, the Brake/Shift hoods on the 105 have a wierd ergonomic feel to them. You pay the same price that you would have done anyway. Go to your bike shop and have them check the chain and the derailleur alignment. The derailleur started as a Ultegra di2 (small cage) which is modified with a Deore long cage. Once you find the problem change the chain and cassette then adjust alignment and the B screw. I assume both bikes are the same size and you are sure the size is correct for you; this is even more important than group. Side by side, the Ultegra materials look more premium. Consider Ultegra as parts wear out, bearing in mind there is little reason to change brakes and shifters due to wear so it’s worth ensuring they are what you want at the start. Avant d’aller plus loin, un petit rappel mécanique pour les lecteurs novices : un groupe est l’ensemble de pièces qui composent la transmission d’un vélo. talk of slightly crisper shifting, smoother shifting, faster, easier shifting or difference in durability has me laughing. The lever throw seems a little shorter, and it is harder to miss a shift, especially going up the cassette. The chainring’s shape blends nicely into the body of the Ultegra crankarm. As we begin to understand what we like and what we don’t like, after that 10,000 shift, we begin to appreciate ulegra and it’s smoothness. I doubt I can tell the difference as I’ve only been riding recreationally (75-100 miles weekly) for 2 years. I assume both bikes are 10s. The bike online for $1100.00 includes shipping and any fees. I found it helped me because my hands are arthritic and it really relieved the pain going to larger cogs. Because they’re both in the current ‘design generation’ (is that what we’d call it), they both share the modern-looking chunky crank design. I can say, though, that the Ultegra brakes are amazing. I agree with Jack, start with selecting a frame on a good bike. It came with a full Shimano 105 groupset (5700 – model range number fans). Le nouveau groupset Shimano 105 R7000, un groupe pour tous ! Apparu en juin 2015, le Shimano Tiagra (séries 47000) adopte le même style esthétique que le 105, l'Ultegra ou le Dura-Ace, grâce à l'arrivée d'un pédalier à quatre branches. Replace your cassette every two chains. I have tried this myself and can vouch for it. Hear about each post as soon as I publish. I think I prefer the proportions of the crankset. Moving up to the controls, the new Shimano 105 R7000 hoods and levers get the same ergonomic do-over that Ultegra R8000 received. Since the model years overlap, Shimano maintains the difference in overlapping years in the form of weight (use slightly different metals/parts on the largest pieces to save weight) and finish (higher groupsets will look nicer and follow finishing trends/colors from the pro-peloton) as well as staggering the technology changes. I just did this on my Domane – new cables, cassette, chain, brake pads and chain rings – recorded in this series of YouTube videos – and the improvement has been amazing. Vous pouvez aussi trouver des « mini groupe », composés uniquement des leviers, des dérailleurs et des étriers de freins. (For completeness, Tiagra is next, followed by Sora and Claris. The 105 updates are great. That was many words, but I missed the part of describing how 105 performs differently from Ultegra apart from the weight. Both bikes are new and and both had 22 gears. It’s considered a “new road” bike, both the 105 and Ultegra versions have hydraulic disc brakes (yay) the one in 105 comes in a puke green, while the Ultegra comes in a muted grey. Groupe Shimano Ultegra. Tiagra sits above that, followed by 105. I appreciate your comments . In short, an Ultegra chain will shift better than a 105 chain. Shimano Ultegra R8000 Groupsets And Build Kits. Then as things start to wear out upgrade. And like you mentioned you can buy better wheels or frame. ©2021 Beginner Triathlete. Ah, the million dollar £500 (or $700) question. New ULTEGRA R8000 series is "pro-proven" as it is a direct trickle down from DURA-ACE groupset. If they both seem about the same goes with the smaller size. Why yes friend, it does. In other words, when a 105 component wears out on your bike, should you take opportunity to upgrade to Ultegra? This post might contain affiliate links for which we may make a small commission at no extra cost to you should you make a purchase. That said, if I ever feel that getting electronic gear shifting is an absolute must – perhaps you count yourself in this category –  then clearly Ultegra is the only choice (assuming I/you don’t have Dura-oodles of cash for the top of the range alternative). La série des 600 sur les vélos vintages est l’ancêtre des Ultegra.) With the Ultegra’s, it is almost always an immediate shift and just enough feedback to know it went, but not enough to be annoying. So now is the time to consider whether upgrading from Shimano 105, a perfectly functional bike groupset, to Shimano Ultegra, a perfectly functional bike groupset, will take you from dog-dog to Froome-dog. A 12-28 would have been far more practical and although I don’t think I “need” the 28, I do live in a very hilly area and would have embraced the spin if I had that smaller gear. it would cost shimano more to have different production lines than to just put the same parts in several levers it would cost more to make the cheaper levers cheaper. I agree, when you are ready, or when your bike is ready, make the leap to ultegra. Le groupe Shimano 105 se retrouve souvent sur les vélos de route de classe moyenne. Since I know you were all particularly taken by the concept of each groupset have a name and a number, Ultegra Di2 is also known by its East German spy code of R8050. Weight differences here are subtle but in these categories, it’s all about shift quality. Well, let’s face it. $565.09 - $2,658.06. Unhelpfully, Shimano released products for, say, 2018, in mid-2017, so there might be the odd inaccuracy. I can tell the components aren’t as “shiny” but almost felt more at home with the 105. Fit Werx offers the most scientific and complete bicycle fitting services in New England, the Northeast and beyond. Thanks for the article, it came at the right time for me as I am looking for a new bike and still ponder between 105 and Ultegra…. $990.73 - $1,311.11. I am also looking at a Colnago CLX 3.0 Ultegra 2015. the 2015 Ultegra. (*By Kraftwerk, if there’s any justice in the world). Keep the road Ti, forever. I’m not a pro rider and I just use my bike for city riding. If you click on an Affiliate Link and then buy something, I get a small commission. And then the next generation of Dura-Ace and Ultegra came out (i.e. Shimano 105 R7000 groupset — everything you need to know. Cosmetically, Ultegra boasts a carbon shift/brake blade while the 105 sports an aluminum blade. Permalink ... les prix à l'unité ou par groupe devant être peu différents ! That being said I think my 10s can last my lifetime (I’m 65 now) plus many years. And like a cyclist in a pan of gradually heating water, you don’t really notice each incremental improvement. The dents also reveal how many carbon frames might have been trashed in those years. Both are very quick checks. These are also the middle names of my daughters.). well I’ve had 5800 shifters apart next to 6800 shifters, I mean totally apart like they’re not supposed to. The bike was originally 600 Ultegra, so would be a nifty trick to upgrade to an Ultegra drivetrain over the long haul. The Zipps are deep dish carbon. how stupid is that? Shimano Ultegra : la valeur sûre de la marque japonaise SHIMANO. Jack thank you so much for you advise, I do greatly appreciate it. I’ve only tried a couple of rides with them and find they accelerate quicker than the DAs but climbing is about the same. Pedals are lighter, wider, and Shimano bearings have never failed me. Sit back, relax, neck an energy gel and get ready to talk groupsets. Brands group these parts into various different levels. I also have a cross bike with 105 5800, so I can give an honest comparison. I have a Scott Speedster FL20 with 105 for 2 years and already run through 2 chains and continue to have chain slipping when running the front smaller gear and on the 12, 13, 14 on the rear cassette. your daughters names are Sora and claris.. Nice.. and you are a good writer. Now a (very) quick canter through the different elements of the groupset: If you want more of an idea then this article provides a pretty comprehensive overview of the various group sets on the market. As far as everything else, the difference between the 6800 and 5800 is negligible except for the rear derailleur and shifter. they appear to be made of the same materials also but I haven’t done a Vickers hardness test. Présenté en avril 2018, le groupe Shimano 105 R7000 est le frère cadet du groupe étendard Dura-Ace 9100 / R9150 Di2 (dévoilé au printemps 2016) et du groupe “best-seller” du manufacturier japonais, l’Ultegra R8000 / R8050 Di2 (dévoilé au printemps 2017). None the wiser, that’s where. Don’t worry though (who you calling worried? Higher quality springs and pivots allow for solid, instant engagement in shifting. I’m thinking this is wear on those rear gears. Fatigue would show as a ‘set’ as a permanent sag, simply not there at all. Aluminum would have snapped long ago, with any flexing at all. I did that with a Cannondale and eventually it was 95% Ultegra, the bottom bracket just kept on turning. I have an aluminum Specialized and now upgrading to carbon. For the time being, only Ultegra and it’s pro-sibling Dura-Ace have electronic rather than mechanical gear shifts. Shimano Ultegra is a bit more refined that Shimano 105, with lighter materials in some areas and details like more durable coatings on some parts Nevertheless, the weight difference is surprisingly small, less than 200g for a typical ensemble; most of the difference is in the brake/shift levers and chainset Absolutely not. Learn how your comment data is processed. The bike at $1750 is a size 52 and the bike online at $1100.00 is size 54. Shoot me down if you like, but I’m erring towards the 105 in terms of looks. Maybe, for once, the trickledown effect of high spec features gradually moving down the price spectrum won’t apply in the case of 105 electrification. Have you tried both? I happened to run into a 2015 Cannondale Synapse 3 the other day, for $2150. Regarding 10s vs 11s you likely won’t notice a difference. La nouvelle série ULTEGRA R8000 a été éprouvée sur le circuit professionnel. My two cents worth. I think that by comparing complete groupsets you are doing everyone a disfavor. An Ultegra chain has a better, nickel-like finish and a stronger riveting process than allows for a laterally stiffer chain. There has to be a limit to rear wheel spacing and a limit to the number of gears that are useful. For Tri bikes with aerobar extensions, both groups will use 10-speed Dura Ace bar end shifters and an aftermarket TT brake lever. Any help or advise is greatly appreciated. There does not seem to be a great deal of difference between the two. I am on the fence on paying up if it’s not too big of a difference. That means a down-sizing of the whole hood, making it … In the big picture, the Ultegra group is 220 grams lighter (which is a little more than ½ a pound) and costs $300 more than the 105 group. If the upgraded bike is 11s and the online one 10s there is a slight value to the LBS bike. 105 chains have a duller finish and due to a different riveting process, are more “flexy.” An Ultegra cassette substitutes the aluminum lock ring for the steel one found on a 105. It means a lot of constant shifting and often over two cogs. The earlier SPD-SL (three-bolt style) pedals had flat plastic plates that can be replaced for like .99, but of course Ultegra were slightly different shape from the Dura-ace, so you needed to clip a corner off first-trivial. Both Ultegra 6800 and Shimano 105 R5800 could give 11 speeds and you may get up to five different options in the cassette range. bonjour à tous, une question certainement déja abordée, mais je n'ai pas trouvé de post à ce sujet. In my experience, the upgrade from 105 to ultegra was significant. I’m no Froome-dog and I’ve only returned to cycling reasonably seriously in the last 3 years but my experience is that there’s little between them (unless, of course you want the electronic do-dah). Over time the blog has expanded to include training advice, gear reviews and road cycling tales, all from the perspective of a not-very-fit MAMIL. Precise shifting and much better ergonomics. I know because like a jackass I went my traditional 12-25 on my new 11sp cassette and I basically have a 1 tooth jump between cogs. I’ll probably stick with 105 on the basis that the 11-speed R7000 version offers a significant upgrade versus the 10-speed 5700 that is on my current Domane. An Ultegra lever will shift and brake better and will typically last longer than a 105 lever. I did read that about the span being more than an actual year. Many are going to disk brakes. The shifter also feels much tighter with the Ultegra. If it were me, and once again assuming the online bike is used, I would go with the Local Bike Shop. Subscribe below and I will send you enjoyable and helpful cyclo-info straight to your inbox. Maybe 11 speed is it. Let’s all make a commitment to lose a pound or two around our bellies. Ultegra components are lighter than 105 components, making climbing easier. I rode a tri bike with mech ultegra for 2010-2014 then upgraded to di2 on the new tri bike in 2015. Begin! It is easy to change a couple of components later to make the bike feel like a larger size. I subsequently found a decent deal on used Di2 electronics and was able to slap them on. Ride faster and further, and have more fun on your bike. I’ll know in 10 or 20 years! Also braking performance and feel, which of course is really important over the long haul. Elle est la déclinaison abordable du groupe DURA-ACE. Ce type de groupe réduit permet de con… If you are just getting started, it will not make a difference. It’s definitely my favorite groupset I’ve ever owned, and I’ve had a lot. It’s one extra. If your chain is at or very close to 0.75% stretched change it. The higher quality the internals, the more precise and longer lasting the mechanism. In the case of LJ’s specific example, it’s pretty easy to decide: just ride both and then choose the one she likes more, since she is comparing two complete bikes with different designs. Chains and cassettes wear out a lot faster than derailleurs. It’s most helpful in working out which generation of a given groupset you have/you’re buying. I could probably look up when they changed the crank from 5 bolt to 4 bolt or when they changed the bottom bracket design to have outboard bearings and see a similar trend. Shimano didn’t come out with a ‘105 Di2 5870’. Is that the case? The Cannondale Synapse Carbon 105 2021 model costs £2,200 ($2,838) whilst the Ultegra version is £2,700 ($3,483); Specialized Roubaix Sport (with 105) costs £2,750 ($3,548); the Roubaix Comp (Ultegra) comes in at £3,500 ($4,515). Do the two extra gears on the 5800 make a lot of difference compared to the 5700.? Thanks Jack for your comments, I appreciate it! If that’s you, then you’ll be more interested in the price point of the full bike, which I’ve discussed above. Regardless of where you are from (Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, Florida, Pennsylvania, Texas, Vermont, Australia, Macau...) a Fit Werx' bike fit is guaranteed to be worth the trip. The chain ring bulges slightly acting as a ramp for Ultegra’s asymmetrical chain to climb up onto the big ring. As road bike component, the stress-free operation is one of the most important feature to lead all day riding comfort with braking and shifting. The difference is approximately 200g (i.e. Note: This post contains affiliate links. what does this turd know I hear you say to yourself in your head. And it lets one run a larger range cassette. Le groupe Shimano 105 5800 11 vitesses sera donc disponible à partir du mois de juin (en noir ou slver). Which I am part of neither! There comes a time in every road cyclist’s life when it becomes clear* that the quickest way to progress to professional standards of performance is to splash more cash on a random bike component. When it comes to purchasing a gift for our babies, nothing says I love you like a new groupo. me back, ive got sneaking suspicion the the only difference in the tiagra 4700 mechanism is 10 teeth on the ratchet instead of 11. as far as my eyes can reach looking in a shop display I cant see any difference in the exposed parts of the mechanism. The bike at $1750.00 will have tax added to that price. The answer is Ultegra. The question is whether the difference is worth the money. On the inside, Ultegra’s lighter, harder internals and higher quality bushings and springs account for lighter shift action and better brake modulation. All from a MAMIL perspective. To take a left-field view on all this; people are talking of buying a different sized bike, to get Ultegra, but the most important this is how the bike fits you. I remember when test riding bikes that the Ultegra shifters “felt” better than the 105. Ensuite les 3 composants spécifiques Ultegra di2 (ST, FD, RD) sont à 500 euros et 1050 euros pour le Dura Ace di2. If you think 70g weight difference in shifters the pair (5800-6800) is going to make you faster than me good. The only gain I can see from upgrading needlessly (ie you haven’t knackered something in your existing set-up) is that Ultegra seems to have a certain cache that is lacking from the ‘lesser'(?) I say go with your heart, not your wallet. Of the the articles on the web, this one answered my question best about whether or not I’d made a mistake by purchasing a new Cannondale Synapse with 105 after 24 years of riding two bikes that had, in succession, a 1993 model bike with Shimano 600 (which I believe became Ultegra the next year) and just plain Ultra on my 2004 model bike. So true about what you wrote, seems the Ultegra make a difference for racing and for “looks” to be in the elite crowd. One test I use is to go small/small on the gears – if the chain becomes noticeably slack the chain is too long. That’s the thing – the price is almost the same but the 2015 has Ultegra and the 2017 has 105. Chain only showed very little change, but the new chain and cassette had a very noticeable improvement. There was no improvement in performance but the fun factor increased. This is quite an expensive way of doing things: an extra £20-30 per component soon adds up. Ever since Shimano finally succeeded with index shifting in the 1984, real improvements in groupsets start at the highest end and then trickle down the component line as models are REFRESHED. What are the tricks and tips for inflating a disc wheel? Does the weight make a difference? Your next bike: Tri bike? As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Suite à la première partie de notre dossier sur les groupes route et triathlon, voici les détails des poids et prix publics conseillés pour les pièces ou groupes complets de ce millésime 2019/2020. I ride a 10s but many of the people I ride with have 11s. The shifting is so precise you don’t need Di2 and that was a bonus. Also, as before, I’ve just converted the GBP prices to USD. I purchased a used set of Dura-Ace and have well over 10,000 miles on them now. This outweighs my ‘better equipment better cyclist’ delusions. Today I found a 2017 Trek Silque 5 (I am female) for $2000 but love the color and the frame seems more comfortable. Where Do Tiagra and 105 Sit In The Shimano Range? Then you start looking into gears a bit more. I am trying to choose between a 2015 Cannodale CAAD 10 105 for $1100 or a Cannondale CAAD 10 with Ultegra for $1750. Troisième dans la gamme du géant nippon, le Shimano 105 est un groupe fiable qui se place, à chaque nouvelle mouture, comme un produit de plus en plus attractif, et ce pour moins de 700 euros (en version classique à patins). The question though is which groupset should you pick, should you pick Shimano 105 or Ultegra? The 5700 105, 6700 ultegra shifter design was horribly uncomfortable and the reason I changed. Les nouvelles Ultegra reprennent la conception des Dura-Ace, avec un axe en acier et un corps en composite, agrémentés d’une surface d’appui plus large que la version précédente ou que les pédales Shimano d’entrée et de milieu de gamme, afin d’optimiser la stabilité et l’efficacité de pédalage. I suspect the difference will be smaller when comparing to 5800. Presently my bike has a 40 cog with a compact 50-34 crank. => À lire aussi: Comment choisir son groupe de transmission. Then another 10 years pass by and it’s time again, the right shifter wasn’t shifting that smooth anymore. Differences in derailleurs are largely accounted for by springs and pivots. I would guess you’ll be able to find 10s parts for many years to come. In the big picture, the Ultegra group is 220 grams lighter (which is a little more than ½ a pound) and costs $300 more than the 105 group. If you like to show off with your Ultegra with its shinier finish fine. The cassette started as a Deore XT 11-36. Now, back to your originally scheduled article…. If not then they are likely ok and I wouldn’t change them. I’m sure a scouring of the internet would allow you to add up the weight of each individual component. The heavier groupset will make you stronger because it’s heavier, then later when you upgrade to the lighter more expensive groupset you’ll be stronger and faster. Components have generally improved, but not across the board equally. The same trend is appearing in hydraulic disc brakes and changes to the electronic shifting (current model Shimano hydraulic disc brakes are not attached to any groupset, the first groupset to get its own disc brakes will be Dura-Ace). The difference between BIKE model years is in the frame colors, sometimes the changes in a couple parts, and every so often a major frame redesign (in the specific example the Trek Silque 2017 model has Trek’s “IsoSpeed” decoupler applied to the headtube). 6800 series Ultegra are of a different design to 105, and are said to be noticeably more powerful. Also I recently came across a used set of Zipp 404s which I bought. Showing the actual prices just complicates things further.). For Road bikes with STI shift/brake levers, there will be differences between the two groups. In addition, the machining of the ramps on the aluminum cogs of an Ultegra cassette are held to tighter tolerances. But the thing is, that all occurred in the previous generation of these two groupsets. Overall, I would say the Ultegra are comparable to the 10-speed Dura Ace, if not even slightly better (especially braking). And I am comparing 105 5700 with Ultegra the Ultegra 6800. There are a lot of new bikes out there with 30 and 32 tooth largest cogs. I’ll certainly be thinking about getting Ultegra on my next bike. There is zero difference in any of the moving parts in shape or function. For function or longevity is it worth the price, can’t be as they’re the same. Shes also comparing two different model bicycles (an endurance carbon bike from Cannondale with a women’s specific endurance carbon bike from Trek). But two huge advantages. As you discuss only 11 speed groupsets, my question is about upgrading from 105 10s to 105 11s or even Ultegra 11s? The key thing is to enjoy what your bike and to make it comfortable for you. After 105, there is Ultegra and Dura-Ace, both of which have mechanical and electronic shifting (known as Di2) versions. The overbuilt structure of the crankset coupled with the chainring has far more of an advantage in power transfer over the 105 which doesn’t sport a hollow outer chainring. Well, perhaps a little bit wiser. Thank you! Thanks Andrew. And you end up getting a bike with 105. The different combos of what might comprise your chosen groupset (e.g disc brakes versus rim) makes trying to come up with a useful summary very difficult. The rear is a different story. Ultegra’s barrel adjuster might simply be nicer from the perspective of a mechanic. I didn’t love it, but did like the price and the components. Your logic is impeccable and it is exactly what manufacturers want you to think; whether it be a bike, a car or a computer. Hello! I changed shifters from 5700 105 to 4700 Tiagara keeping the 10 speed drive train. That said, i will report back when I get some conclusive impressions. If the online bike seller accepts returns if their description is incorrect and pays return shipping then that is a value in their favor. Well, have a squiz at the full groupset images above. Even Shimano makes the distinction, with this little grey line on its website: In truth, what tends to happen is that you get your first road bike and it comes with whatever it comes with (in my case it was a ragtag set of Campagnolo and Miche components). Pay a couple of hundred quid more and you’d be into Ultegra territory. What this means is that in the example above the 2017 105 “parts” is the SAME “parts” as 2014 5800 ones, while the 2015 Ultegra is the SAME parts as 2013 6800. I suggest you go to a different bike shop, tell them you are just shopping but not ready to buy and you want to try size 54 and 52 bikes to see which is more comfortable. Yup you’re exactly right but I there’s one thing to keep in mind with “keeping a frame forever”. 105 (la référence. like a silly hump for your thumbs to get annoyed by. Of course the chain is also thinner in 11s. Which is a mangled sub-heading if ever there was one. Also, according to Shimano’s website Ultegra’s wider crankset design permits frame manufacturers to build wider bottom brackets—the part between the pedals inside the frame—and thu… According to Beginner Triathlete, Ultegra group sets weigh roughly 280g, or half a pound less than a 105 gruppo. Case in point, the Trek Domane range is no longer a good example – whatever tech they’ve put into it means the frame is quite expensive and savings are made by speccing the equivalent bike to mine (the SL4) with some Tiagra components. Want to know whether you should upgrade from 105 to Ultegra but can’t be bothered with all these pesky words? Interesting and thoughtful comment. The 40 cog is aftermarket, and I took out the 11 cog to make it work. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Cela comprend, pour un groupe de transmission complet : les dérailleurs avant et arrière, les étriers de frein avant et arrière, le pédalier, la cassette, les leviers de freins, le boîtier de pédalier et la chaîne. The upgrade groupset parts as they become worn out. What is your skill level and how much riding will you do? New bike it was. I have a solution for you: I madez a YouTube on the subject. This brings the entry price point for a bike with the 105 groupset down considerably. I am much inclined to go with the current 105 10s configuration and leave more expensive upgrades for later. I started my search last year and it was so overwhelming I just said forget it.